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LACA – London Asian Contemporary Art

LACA is a new online initiative designed to highlight contemporary Asian art.

LACA launched its website and online programme in early July 2020 and aims to follow the global contemporary Asian and African markets throughout the year, with a series of online viewing rooms and videos, including a virtual reality tour of Europe’s most important contemporary Chinese art collection, the Dominique & Sylvain Levy Collection. We are grateful to Sylvain Levy for agreeing to be part of the LACA advisory team.

LACA has been developed as an online resource to accommodate galleries affected by the cancelling of art events worldwide, as well as others keen to increase their international visibility and who do not as yet have a presence at the major international fairs.  LACA aims to help promote galleries and emerging artists and to link both novice and seasoned collectors to the contemporary Asian and African art market.

The Dominique & Sylvain Levy Collection:

LACA is delighted to announce there will be a virtual reality tour of the Dominique & Sylvain Collection (founded in 2005) and now one of the world’s most important Chinese contemporary art collections with a strong digital presence making full use of the internet to attract a worldwide audience.

The Jean Pigozzi Collection:

In addition, LACA is grateful to The Jean Pigozzi Collection (founded 1989) for the opportunity to be associated with the world’s largest private collection of contemporary African art.  The collection expanded in 2009 to include contemporary Japanese art and a link to the 2011 ‘JapanCongo’ exhibition together with a selection of works which can be found on this site.

R:Ed Right for Education

LACA has also partnered with the largest social-media based foundation in Africa – R:Ed Right for Education, which has over 8 million followers over various platforms and an online gallery for emerging artists.