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LACA – London Asian/African Contemporary Art  – “Exclusively Inclusive”

LACA – London Asian Contemporary Art: the initiative launched in Summer 2020 to provide an online platform and affordable annual Pop-Up in Central London, for gallerists specialising in Asian and African Art.

Exhibitors are from around the world including; Africa, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Korea, China, United Kingdom, Europe and The United States. Gallerists works showcase both established and emerging artists.  Some of the artists are famous in their countries of origin, while others have only recently come to the attention of gallerists and Western collectors.

LACA is committed to its educational programme and partners with leading educational institutions to provide both online and real-time discussions, with art-market content covering historic and current topics.

LACA TAS – Talking Art Series, covers World-renowned collectors and artworld experts, who discuss their art, their collections and the changing art world.

The LACA Pop-Up: Wed 5 – Sun 9 October 2022

Venue tbc.

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