Welcome to the LACA World Tour

Travel with LACA Exhibitors as they take you on a journey with their artists from around the world.

Escape into the beauty of cultural diversity and challenge your senses through art.

The Tour will continue around the world over the coming weeks so keep checking to see the latest LACA World Tour works!


The LACA tour starts in London: at 3812 Gallery in St James’s & exhibit ‘Reconnect’ and our first find is Raymond Fung’s – Clean Water, 2011 – a beautiful ink and colour on paper!


Crossing the Street we arrive at Rossi & Rossi Gallery – showing works from Thai artist, Mit Jai Inn as part of their Royal Marketplace exhibit!


In Mayfair the tour stops off at Sladmore Contemporary and visits exhibit “Birds in Sculpture” antique to contemporary before continuing on.

Also to be found in Mayfair is HdM Gallery, focusing on Contemporary Chinese Art. Works are as diverse in style and colour as the culture they represent!


Travelling West across London we arrive at Michael Goedhuis premises in Knightsbridge and take time to view the elegant ink paintings on view including Fissuring – Distant view of pingpo, 1994 -1995 ink and acrylic on paper & canvas!

untitled[2], 90 x 120cm copy

Turning north from Knightsbridge & past the Royal Albert Hall we find ourselves at another elegant destination Kamal Bakhshi Modern Asian Art in Kensington whose collection of Daniel Kelly, Kazuko Shiihashi & Toko Shinoda masterpieces keep us enthralled!

The tour continutes up Kensington High St to Gregg Baker’s eclectic mix of exceptional works on view including Suda Kokuta’s wonderful golden screen!

East across London now not forgetting to take in One East Asia’s Jayson Cortez show as we go with a fantastical mythical quality.

Free Spirit

Now we are near the British Museum and find ourselves in Han Collection where specialist Korean porcelains from antique and modern await.


Nearby the LACA tour takes in Arti Fiant gallery with its array of exquisitely stylised Modern & Contemporary Japanese Ceramic works of art .

Continuing on we find Tristan Hoare whose gallery was the former studio for the famous photographer Patrick Lichfield.  Now relocated to Fitzrovia, Lee Yong Soon’s Korean jars are still made from the same clay as found in mountain caves from the 14th century onwards!

Katsutoshi Yuasa - Death of Beauty # 4 - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

Still in London we reach Upper St Islington and Tag Fine Arts with their vibrant floral works!

Katsutoshi Yuasa - Death of Beauty # 1 - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

Be inspired on the Tour by Demif Gallery dedicated to promoting cultural diversity.

Find yourselves some warmth on the tour, in the vibrant colours of the Doyle Wham exhibits.


You can only be cheerful after viewing Singapore Art Garret Gallery, works including Indra Dodi from Indonesia and Parn (somuiek Klangnok) big eyed portraits!

Pen Etc keeps us concentrating on Spring being round the corner with their “Flower Language” Exhibit